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Penning My Story 2….The frequent flyer

Hello loves!! When I started penning my story 1, I did not realize how much was expected of me. The last story was about how I had tirelessly sought out for a ship to complete sea time required  to move up to my next rank hence I felt the need to come back with penning my story 2 as a success story on how I accomplished that. However reality check, I did not get sea time. This has had me engulfed in total misery I didn’t think I could write about anything to empower ladies out there when my own career seemed to be plunging with no hope of resurfacing (explains 3months why I did not blog). I was so selfishly engulfed in my own misery that I forgot to look at how far I’d come; not until the day I was boarding my flight at 5 am on Friday 25th heading for my top 40 under 40 award ceremony. That is when it hit me. You see loves, being on Business daily Africa top 40 under 40 influential women in Kenya was surreal and still is very surreal to the extent someone would tell me congratulations and I’d go like, ‘no it’s […]

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Animal print allure

Hello loves, It’s been exactly 3 months since I last posted and I can’t even begin to explain how my life has just been nothing but an overwhelming rollercoaster of events. Gravely ashamed I must say, after it got under control, I had one of those self-centered moments when I just wanted to detach from the world a bit, but not one minute went by without thinking of beautifully curved literature gracing your screens in form of creative thoughts just to showcase fashion. So long story short, I’m back and it’s all about the animal print allure. There is always something about animal print. Be it a shoe, a hat, a scarf you name it. The thing is, never over do it! Well, unless you are Cookie on empire, (the scene when she wore animal print on animal print just hurt my eyes!) Just a touch of animal print and your outfit will not only spell sophistication but also a form of flattery that whispers seduction, incitement and fierce! A fine finish of an equally fierce red lipstick with a cat eye shadow to match the print just does the trick. How I wore it and why… In this case, […]

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Hello Loves! ME: What do you think should be my next post? MYSELF: How about a maxi skirt? I: Gosh that’s a hard one! they are a bit too common nowadays it’s hard to appear unique in them ME MYSELF AND I : (together in unison) Don’t overthink it…just be you, it’s all about style. Those weird conversations I have (and I assume every lady has) when picking clothes from the wardrobe! I really hope I nailed it and satisfied all those voices in my brain…   Photo credits: Modan Photography     OUTFIT DETAILS: Maxi Skirt : Vivo Active Wear Green Sleeveless top: Vivo Active Wear Black Suede Flats: Bershka Egypt Scarf: Gift From Mum Watch: Guess Egypt Lipstick: Mac Heroine Matte Elizabeth MaramiMore Posts – Website

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Penning my Story 1: Chin Up

Hello loves, (Warning: This is a wordy post- but totally worth it!) I have decided to do things differently every new month. I’ve Started a new segment ‘Penning my story’ where I get to share my career and life journey as a seafarer and also empower women to continue achieving their best regardless of their gender barriers)   For those who are not aware, I am a navigating officer with a Second officer Rank on board merchant navy ships and a marine pilot at the Kenya Ports Authority. Now before I say much, here is a brief insight on this career so that you may comprehend the story that follows. To rise to your next rank you need to work onboard foreign going vessels for a period of not less than 18months and some class work.   Kenya doesn’t own merchant navy ships so one needs to be contracted from foreign companies   This is done through crewing agencies and no; we have no crewing agency in Kenya.   Finally it is a male dominated career. If im not wrong we make up 2% the maritime task force (click here)   Now that you have a rough idea let me tell you my story. […]

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