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January 2015

Throwback Thursday

Hello loves!! It’s throw back Thursday!!! Did you know Throwback Thursday originator is Matt Halfhill of NiceKicks?? (I didn’t know too! but google is my friend!) One thing I love is how he explains it! he says “It’s allowing yourself to take a break from the news and have a moment to celebrate what happened in the past. We human beings become products of our past experiences.’ The Throwback Thursday theme commonly portrayed with a hashtag has grown vastly since it was first introduced to social media and now it has found its way to my blog! So today lets celebrate that old school look!!! When bandanas and leather pants were the way to go. I find comfort in old school fashion, maybe because I consider myself an old soul, so today i decided to recreate the 80’s with a few outfits from my closet. The feeling i got while wearing this outfit…well lets just say I was a Tupac wannabe the whole day, infact i almost called the post Tupac Thursday!! It was very refreshing. P.S Those are the infamous leather pants from my previous post that my mother learnt to eventually accept 🙂 They say never let an old flame burn […]

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My Make up Journey!

hello loves, I had totally missed you! So today let me talk to you about beauty by sharing my make up journey!! Do you know make up first started with Egyptians?? Ironically that’s where I first learnt how to wear make up! 2009! I’m dressed up and all ready to go and this typical Kenyan girl picks her best outfit and applies baby oil on her face and lip balm, (my excuse for using baby oil, it was winter and i can’t stand a chapped forehead so don’t judge!) So I rushed to my new found egyptian soul sister’s room ready to go for my first night out on the streets of Egypt, (be rest assured I had donned what I thought was my ‘Sunday best’ outfit) the shock on her face as she asked if I was going out without makeup was one I will live to remember infact I would have sworn the face she made was the same one my pious mother made when i first wore leather tights! Too sincere, too fresh to forget! she didn’t even wait for an explanation, she just grabbed my hand and started this whole transformation on my face, I call it transformation […]

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Taking Chances

  Fashion was her soul, the past her low, Fear her slow Then… Style shone on her  Slowly she picked her pen With writing being her love Fashion her passion, she bid goodbye to her past The cocoon of fear Bringing forth ‘Amor’ ‘You will only be as good as the chances you take’ -Al Pacino once told Larry King, well as scary as it seemed, i took my chance today and i strongly suggest you take yours, take that risk, make that dream a reality, but lets achieve it with style. 😉  add some ‘oomph’ with a pair of sassy heels and bold lipstick. it builds your confidence. Your outfit should potray: ‘ Classy enough to wait her turn but too fearless to be invisible’ OUTFIT DETAILS: Silk off white shirt : Mango, Egypt High Waist Navy blue pants : H&M  Steve Madden chunky platform sandal: Backyard shoes White Tote Handbag: Bershka Egypt Lipstick : Mac Ruby Woo     Elizabeth MaramiMore Posts – Website

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