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February 2015


Hello Amor lovers, Create your own legacy, leave behind big shoes for anyone to fill….follow your dream   As she watched the sunset, She knew she was destined for greatness she knew not how, but she believed in one thing her dream.. Her soul so rich with expectation she rigorously cultivated every inch of her reality with seeds sown from her dream watered by opportunity the stereotype of a bumpy road to her dream non existent for faith led her path Her passion for success….well Lets just say she may be living her dream and knows there is more to come.. Eleanor Roosevelt once said ‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’ Amor readers, never stop believing in your dreams no matter how absurd it may sound!! Because that young girl is me….I once had a dream and a few days ago it came to pass…. ‘I freaking met the president and the International Maritime Organisation Secretary general!!!!’ I mean they both actually conversed with me and congratulated me on my career choice, of course they said a lot, but honestly I was just dazed to remember most of it! Though that’s a story for a different day. […]

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The Runaway Bride’s Soul

Hello loves, This is a special valentine’s post.   Thought I should share something I wrote in my Journal, just incase you find me having a glass of wine alone and very uninterested in any form of flattery from a man.. Deceitful reflecton of my artistic soul….. Oh my artistic soul,what a work of art it is… Pitch dark hue evenly shaded,bordered by voids beautifully embroidered by bloodstained scars yearning to reach out, yet caged behind bars of fear and shreds of broken trust. Keenly I sketch a deceitful reflection, yet flatly I fail to colour it. For as I dip the paintbrush in the heart to give thy reflection a final touch….all I find is a cold block, the paint has gone cold from the hate it received at the price of love. Oh and the silk bright color…so pale, contaminated with droplets of despair. Wait a minute….I could style it up, Fashion is an art too… isn’t it? Purchase a scarf..maybe scarlet..some colour sounds great. Blind thee from thy deceit. “Designer sounds good…Louis Vuitton scarlet scarf it is!!…” oh no! I cant afford it 🙁 I gambled it all. All that was in my precious bank, my purity savings… All gone for […]

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The Jumpsuit Affair

Hello Loves!! I’m Super Excited to be back! and with very exciting news! my childhood friend is getting married!!!!!!! Okay I need to contain my excitement before I fill the post with exclamation marks!!! So this is me all packed up and ready to go on vacation Last christmas, before I get a text message from a long lost friend inviting me to her ‘ngurariyo’ (traditional wedding). I immediately rushed down to the living room and summoned my parents like there was a fire in my room, just to tell them Mumbi is getting married. I thought my reaction was epic but dad was the show stopper, he stood up and did a nursery dance we used to do in school, as he sang our then favourite rhyme…actually this was what he said ‘You mean Mumbi, The one and only, he sang, ‘how does a caterpillar grow…..’, Mumbi! I was like yes!!! I’m not to sure you get it yet, So Loves, let me explain to you why the excitement! First and foremost, Mumbi was the only friend whom my parents trusted enough to allow me to go for playdates with, At her place! Trust me that’s a big deal […]

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