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March 2015


Hello Loves! It’s been quite a week!! Whoever came up with the idea of exams…..lets just say even if you got me a gazillion pair of shoes I would never forgive you! Thank heavens, It was a wrap on Saturday and I had the chance to bury my feet in the sandy coastal beach of Mombasa, and do what I do best, meditate on writing while enjoying a chilled drink as the breeze caressed my skin and the golden sun rays gave me a tan. Now, I know it sounds ridiculous that on my free time am all about writing, but what writing does to me is something I doubt I can explain, so I decided to share a short love letter I wrote to ‘writing’ some time back. It may help comprehend the serenity that engulfs me every minute I curve out beautiful words from my mind. My Love, If they ask when I fell in love with you I wouldn’t know what to tell them, because I’ll do what I do best, write about it. Detail every single moment I spent with you, the times when I was lost for words and walked away for my voice was not loud enough to […]

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