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May 2015

The All White Party

  Hello loves, They say white is the color of peace, but there is no peace when it comes to trying to find an outfit for an event or party themed ‘all white’. I remember when planning my best friend’s baby shower, I asked my invited guests to all wear white. Lord, were they unhappy with that decision! I honestly didn’t understand why because my selfish being already had an outfit in mind. I eventually got to fathom their sentiments then, for every invite I got from hence forth had this at the bottom: THEME : ALL WHITE. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I honestly felt suffocated (I know I sound dramatic, but I did)! Each time an invite came in and the theme was all white instead of crafting a good outfit I found it easier crafting an excuse not to attend until a very close friend (read soul sister)hit me with an invite to her all white themed birthday party. This one I could not afford to get out off. Reasons being, I missed her wedding because I was stuck somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea (click here and read about me, you’ll understand) and mind you I […]

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Hello Loves Saying that I’ve missed you guys is definitely an understatement. For those who may not be aware my Fashion blog was hacked and No, I shall not dwell in that nasty ordeal since I’m too Elated to be back to start whining about it!   Going Straight to it….. Let’s Discuss Crop Tops!!!   I vividly remember when crop tops hit the fashion industry and this was one thing I knew I had to get! Thus my Shopaholic self found my way to the H&M store in Egypt and just like it was heaven sent, on the display perfectly donned on the display mannequin was a Houndstooth crop top!….. I doubt you get the excitement.. HOUNDSTOOTH (my favorite print) and its a crop top! Darlings, she was definitely the one, I didn’t care how much she would cost, I was ready to live on water and bread for a week but have that top! Thank Heavens, it really didn’t pinch my pocket much so I got a skater skirt to pair it up with and the feeling I had when I was walking out of the store Hmmm… Let’s just say I texted all my friends asking what […]

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