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September 2015

Animal print allure

Hello loves, It’s been exactly 3 months since I last posted and I can’t even begin to explain how my life has just been nothing but an overwhelming rollercoaster of events. Gravely ashamed I must say, after it got under control, I had one of those self-centered moments when I just wanted to detach from the world a bit, but not one minute went by without thinking of beautifully curved literature gracing your screens in form of creative thoughts just to showcase fashion. So long story short, I’m back and it’s all about the animal print allure. There is always something about animal print. Be it a shoe, a hat, a scarf you name it. The thing is, never over do it! Well, unless you are Cookie on empire, (the scene when she wore animal print on animal print just hurt my eyes!) Just a touch of animal print and your outfit will not only spell sophistication but also a form of flattery that whispers seduction, incitement and fierce! A fine finish of an equally fierce red lipstick with a cat eye shadow to match the print just does the trick. How I wore it and why… In this case, […]

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