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October 2015

Penning My Story 2….The frequent flyer

Hello loves!! When I started penning my story 1, I did not realize how much was expected of me. The last story was about how I had tirelessly sought out for a ship to complete sea time required  to move up to my next rank hence I felt the need to come back with penning my story 2 as a success story on how I accomplished that. However reality check, I did not get sea time. This has had me engulfed in total misery I didn’t think I could write about anything to empower ladies out there when my own career seemed to be plunging with no hope of resurfacing (explains 3months why I did not blog). I was so selfishly engulfed in my own misery that I forgot to look at how far I’d come; not until the day I was boarding my flight at 5 am on Friday 25th heading for my top 40 under 40 award ceremony. That is when it hit me. You see loves, being on Business daily Africa top 40 under 40 influential women in Kenya was surreal and still is very surreal to the extent someone would tell me congratulations and I’d go like, ‘no it’s […]

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