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Jumpsuit Affair 2

Hey Loves! If you have been following my blog, then you must have read about The Jumpsuit Affair hence understand my undying love for jumpsuits. I have had very many casual jumpsuits in my closet but never the right one that could be worn to chic events and comfortably donned on the red carpet. Well, that was until I walked into Malia Baroque. It was love at first sight! I loved the jumpsuit for TWO reasons, first and foremost it was black! You never go wrong with black! Secondly, the detail on the jumpsuit, absolutely breathtaking. It was one of those outfits that had such beauty and did not want to divert attention from it by wearing color hence I paired it with a pair of nude heels and my all time favourite Adolfo Dominguez gold purse.the only colour was the lipstick! Mac-Ruby Woo. JUMPSUIT- MALIA BAROQUE HEELS – BACKYARD SHOEZ PURSE- ADOLFO DOMINQUEZ PHOTOGRAPHY- MODAN PHOTOGRAPHY LOCATION – SEVERIN SEA LODGE Elizabeth MaramiMore Posts – Website

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Hey, Loves! Truth be told when I started blogging I never imagined my consistency will be this horrible. I have sticky notes on how to keep up but my work schedule and my photographer’s schedule never marry . Though I’m glad we finally found a solution and I’m back and hope I will improve on this…. Oh well, It’s the season to be jolly, and the season for all these random (if not ridiculous) end of year parties! From corporate Parties to Christmas tree decorating Parties. As long as we make merry all December who cares what we call the party!! I must say, the number of invites I have for parties this December is unimaginable, hence been busy scouting for outfits. Now I have this bad bad habit of only buying clothes when I travel abroad or from the city- Nairobi and rarely from my hometown Mombasa. However, I decided to stop it this past couple of months. For this reason, I’ve been visiting a couple of online and on the ground stores in Mombasa. Now note that I’m very fastidious with the kind of clothes I buy, and the plus side is that I rarely get confused when […]

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Penning my story 5: Rejection

  Hey Loves….. When I found out our new CEO and my mentor who has risen to become PS in maritime affairs had decided to step in and tirelesly try and find my team and I sea-time to accumulate the required experience, I was absolutely elated! One of those few moments you celebrate women who get to the top and help the rest up the success ladder. Anyway for those who have followed Penning My story series would understand what it meant to me. I was overwhelmed with Joy. Even though this was coming two years later, it was better late than never. I was going to sea and I was going to settle for nothing less than a Full captain even though it meant 36months at sea awaits me. I was not settling for Mediocrity. Now fast forward to a few months ago, we receive positive response from different shipping companies and before we know it we are sending CV’s and filling in employment forms. I got so excited that I end up telling my entire clique I will be going back to sea soon, just waiting on my contract. Then the first blow comes, company policy; ‘we do […]

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My Mombasa

Hey there Loves, Now for all those who may not know, I come from a beautiful city in Kenya called Mombasa. Growing up in Mombasa has probably been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Not only is it one of the best holiday destinations because of its sandy beaches and beautiful weather but it is one of the cities with such authentic cultural heritage. Somehow walking down the streets of Mombasa is like turning the pages of a best seller, a beautiful story is told. One can easily see where we started from to where we are. The hints of the Arab culture adopted during 1800’s  well embedded with modern Swahili culture.  From the spices to the gold stores, all through to the buildings. Many a time we travel to different destinations and need a tour guide or have to tirelessly look for areas to sightsee, as for Mombasa all you have to do is walk down its streets! If a little bit parched, a ‘madafu’ cart is right around the corner, feeling slightly light headed from walking under the sun’ well-erected benches by the sea are there to rest your tired feet, wish to fill up your stomach […]

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