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March 2016

Bring Me To Life : Maisha Spa

Hello Loves, Running around like a headless chicken pretty much became a routine in my life last year but after completing my MBA course work last December, I managed to have some downtime which allowed me to reevaluate my work-life balance. I decided I needed a healthier lifestyle not just work work work (couldn’t write that without singing Rihanna’s Work ). So this year I’m doing things differently and enjoying every step of it all. Here is a list of my Do’s and don’t’s to achieve a healthy 2016. I’m drinking more water ( honestly, those who know me know how much I just hate water! I could go a week without drinking water but having a water bottle is certainly making things easier! The result: my skin feels absolutely flawless Green tea – Now I have become a green tea fanatic especially after taking a break (hopefully permanently) from the adult grape juice! I’m loving what it does to me! Green tea with jasmine, green tea with blackcurrant! You name it! Quitting Soda(Coca-Cola)  – now this has been painful!! especially when around Miss B. who can consume a whole litre! Nevertheless, I’ve learned to substitute it with sparkling water! Honey- loves, I […]

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In Another Life

Hello Amor Lovers, I know I had promised you a valentine day post but for those who follow me on Instagram (Lizmarami) would have noticed that it caught me out of town on duty training, However I did take time off to spend this day of love in the city of love Paris with people I hold so close to my heart, and as I sat at the airport waiting to board, I couldn’t help but appreciate love penning a short poem, In another life. Can’t remember the last time I wrote poetry (I think I was in 2nd year) so I hope I’m not too rusty and hope you enjoy it.   IN ANOTHER LIFE In another life Your Love was kind and gentle It quenched my forbidden desires It anchored my sanity It was my safe haven We waltzed under the stars to every Beethoven symphony As I fell deeper in love with your two left feet…   In another life I forgot about the one who got away You engraved your love in my soul You gave me butterflies at every embrace We were the admiration and true comprehension of love You were my answered prayer, You told […]

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