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May 2016

Penning my Story 4: Mediocrity

  Hey Loves, Been a minute!! So much has been going on! I mean, I went through the big chop, I Finally achieved my birthday dream ‘visiting Paris’, I’ve started working on my new project (against the tide) ! but above all, I’ve missed you all, been quite overwhelmed with the project which I plan to share once it materialises but as for now here is Penning my story 4! When I started penning my story 1 about a year ago, I thought it will be solely focussed on my career journey of which I mean the sea, ships and all. However, I have realised it is during this career  journey that I have learnt to appreciate certain growths and lessons in my own personal life and it’s only fair to pen them down as they wholly contribute to my journey towards living my dream. Now a few weeks ago, I was at quite a low place in my life, however, I realised that my reaction and how my emotions handled this situation was quite different from times I was in a similar low. I didn’t sit with a box of tissues and cry over it. That was when I […]

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