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June 2016

50 Shades of Yellow

Hello loves!! Still on the yellow frenzy! Just a different shade because yellow is officially my new black! The weather in Mombasa is still favourable to pull out a long sleeved top and a knit skirt so I thought I’d share one of my personal favourite outfits. This is one of those outfits I’d love to wear on either a girls night out by the beach or out enjoying a simple sundowner. I had always wondered how I’d wear these two outfits separately and never together until one late afternoon, as I was heading out and I thought why not…and viola!! Match made in heaven, my new personal favourite outfit. The yellow complimented the detailed similar coloured Aztec print and to break the colour I chose my most comfortable sandals and matched the gold detail on the shoe with a rather ravishing shade of gold purse. No accessories here because there is already a lot going on with the print so I didn’t go for my regular statement watches, settled for a simple daniel Wellington lady watch and simple gold studs. Always remember to keep it simple and classy. OUTFIT DETAILS Long-sleeved top – Lc Waikiki Egypt Aztec print knit skirt- […]

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Colour My World

Hey there Loves! It’s been quite gray here in Mombasa, though I still think we have quite a confused weather pattern, Rainy at night, Sunny in the morning, Rainy in the afternoon is what I’m pretty much talking about! However, I’ve learnt not to whine or dwell in matters I can’t possible change but to enjoy the little pleasures that come with it. In this case, a cool Mombasa. Now the heat in my serene coastal town can be a nightmare! Plus the humidity just takes it to a whole new level so trust me, we are most definitely enjoying our short-lived ‘no sweaty underarm patches‘ weather! Therefore, for that sole reason I’ve been on a colour frenzy this season and yellow is officially my new black! Yellow is such a yummy colour! It can be paired with so many things, black, white, blue, pink, you name it!! However, it’s important to note that Yellow is a statement colour so you don’t want to end up looking like a rainbow on the loose. Just a tad bit colour mix… Enough to colour your world and not hurt our eyes! I paired my yellow with mint green and I absolutely loved […]

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