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March 2017


It’s been insanely busy on my end such that, even after taking a break from work to rest, I was still working! I certainly had to get my sanity in check and no better way than to get lost in fashion. Allow me to share my new obsession with pleats. I have loved pleats for a very long time, something about them that spell class and vintage at the same time. I literally modified my mother’s college skirt into a beautiful vintage skirt (but that’s a post for another day) and so believe it or not this impulse buy has got to be one of my personal favorites in my wardrobe. So much class in just one outfit, from the fabric to the simple detail on the waistline allowing it to gracefully portray your curves in a classy manner hence being an outfit I’d certainly wear to the office, special corporate events, a network cocktail session and I’d go on and on but I think you get the idea. The color allows you to play around with the shoe color choice, I’d however strongly advise on a pair of classic pumps. I chose a pair with a more or less similar color […]

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As we boarded the flight to Kitale, before embarking on a drive to Turkana, my mind was indeed a blank canvas, all I knew about this gorgeous town was what I had learnt during my geography classes and here I was exploring it. The excitement was beyond my own imagination. You see, Turkana is not only the second largest county in Kenya but also a haven for so many breathtakingly beautiful sceneries. From being the home of Kenya’s largest permanent desert lake to being the home of Turkana boy ( a 1.5 million years old skeleton making it one of the oldest homo Erectus skeletons ever found hence the name ‘Origin of mankind’). Such rich history! I couldn’t help but wonder why it took me so long to come here, as we drove to Lokichar, where we spent our first night, It was impossible not to note the amazing terrain, and guess what, I got to see River Turkwell. How cool! I’m so glad Maurice Murage aka Mr drone was there to take the shots because I wouldn’t know how to describe it in words and do justice to its beauty and for that, you can view it here…the first thing that had […]

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