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April 2017


I’m so guilty of buying clothes and wearing them after a year or two! Case in point this gorgeous skirt I bought from Zara in 2015. It was love at first sight up until I got home and kept wondering how, if not where I’ll wear it. Many a time, I’ve pulled it out for a night out and I’d either not find the right shoe or the right top hence folding it back and picking out something else. Well, that was until I got an invite to a pool party on a slightly chilly day. First and foremost I am born and raised in a very warm town, so a pool party on a chilly day is not my cup of tea. I knew I wasn’t going to find myself in the water so I was going to settle for showing some skin and a dash of glam. This was the perfect occasion to wear my gorgeous skirt, a plain long sleeved crop top so as to let the beautiful pattern on the skirt stand out. Silver was my theme and so I settled for a pair of shoes I bought 3years ago and had never worn and finally topped […]

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