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May 2017


Unless I’m being overly dramatic, I feel like every girl needs that “weighing scale” that is a dress. I know it sounds weird, but meet my peach weighing scale. This dress is the one dress in my wardrobe that tells me, *Insert dramatic black lady accent* “Girl get back to those pilates” or “Giiirl I see no booty there, get back to those squats and stop looking like a walking log.” Though my worst indicator is my zipper! This one is mean, this one reminds me of my bad sugar decisions, my stress eating days and with no mercy tells me “Girl this is no maternity dress boo!” Weird conversations I have with this dress just keep me in shape and I love it too much to outgrow it! So YES to my peach scale! I will wear it until my boobs are too saggy to pull off that cleavage! Now tell me what is your “weighing scale?” in your wardrobe? I paired this outfit with a pair of metalic heels just to keep it simple. This is my ultimate party dress when I know I’ll be drinking champagne not shooters that will make me wear my heels on my […]

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Remember how I tend to buy stuff and simply store them and totally forget about them! Well, say hello to these boots! I remember seeing them online and instantly calling the sales guy and before we knew it they were being couriered to Mombasa from Nairobi. I wasn’t sure how or when and where I was going to wear them so I’d always stuff them in my suitcase every time I travelled to a chilly place and they still came back un touched. Up until recently when on a quest to find warm clothing. I saw this gorgeous sweater on the ‘New collection’ display window, reached out for it and it was love at first fit. Pairing it with these boots was just a recipe for disaster for it feels like every time it rains or gets chilly this is all I want to wear! So warm and so chic! Photography : Khateli. Sweater: Mr Price Junction. Leggings: Vivo. Shoes: Backyard, Nairobi.   Elizabeth MaramiMore Posts – Website

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Well hello May, My pleats obsession continues and finding a pleated skirt in one of the most divine colours is a feeling I still can’t describe. All I remember was the lady telling me they have one in black available and for the first time, I cheated on black without blinking. It was burgundy for crying out loud, who is black?? How I wore it I paired this gorgeous skirt with a black tank top and an off white Blazer to give it a touch of class. I couldn’t make up my mind on what shoes to wear, though I felt this metalic pair of heels did the outfit justice and just like that we were ready to slay, in the office, at that office event, including that cocktail party. Photograpy : Micheal Khateli Skirt: Malia Baroque Tank Top: Gift Blazer: Mango Egypt Shoes: Instyle Kenya Location: Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi.     Elizabeth MaramiMore Posts – Website

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