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September 2017

Concours d’elegance

Hey loves, I know it’s not Thursday, but I had to share with you my first experience at Concours d’elegance! Now let’s appreciate the fact that mother nature who has been on a roll across the world, calmed her titties this time around and the weather was absolutely breathtaking for the event! Bad habit I must say,  but being a first timer I opted to be fashionably late just for traffic to let me down completely. After being stuck in traffic for close to an hour despite living 10mins away I finally got to the venue. Darlings, those cars were everything my old soul ever yearned for. I could spend all day describing this day but I figured let me pick my top 3 favorite cars. (I’m not a bike girl so forgive me for not reviewing those!) Car number 3 was the New Ford Mustang! The minute I saw it, I was lost in my own fantasy world humming Katy Perry’s  song ‘The one who got away‘ picturing myself cruising in it. The color wasn’t my favorite hence the score, nevertheless absolutely loved it!! Car number two, this one left me in awe. It was the 1951 Rolls Royce! Not only was it […]

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Hey loves, I’ve always been a lover of a well-tailored suit but never lucky enough to get the right one. Either the pants were too long, the skirt too tiny or the blazer slightly tight hence I ‘d always choose to mix and match just to acquire that perfect suited up look. Now that my current obsession is colored pants, I had to transform one of them into an official look by pairing it with this blazer I absolutely adore and bought ten years ago from my favorite store ‘Mango’. I Tried making the outfit slightly fun by pairing it with monochrome shoes however you can always opt for a simple black heel. Quick question though, would you wear this to the board meeting or are you worried you will not be taken seriously? OUTFIT DETAILS PANTS – ZARA (PLATFORM) TANK TOP- VIVO BLAZER- MANGO (EGYPT) SHOES – BACKYARD SHOEZ LOCATION – BID WOOD SUITS Elizabeth MaramiMore Posts – Website

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hey there loves, I’ve always been a lover of short outfits but I always noticed I’d get a side eye every now and then when I’d wear shorts to a social gathering or even a night out. I would always feel instantly judged. More like ‘what is this child doing here?’ In fact, anytime I chose to wear a short to the club, I knew they would definitely ask for my ID to check if I’m of age, or ask me to pay for entrance just to see if I can actually afford to be at that club. I, therefore, decided to go back to the drawing board because this shortie in shorts was never going to prosper nor was she letting go of her shorts. That is when I decided to do what I love doing best, add a touch of class with a blazer. In this post, I paired my favourite shorts which I got on sale in Mzanzi for 2dollars, with a tank top and a boyfriend blazer. I spiced it up slightly with animal print flats and you should have seen the respect I got at the club when I don this. They even offered their VIP […]

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