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October 2017


Hey loves, So I’ve been running around like a headless chicken trying to box up my life for the next six months being that am set to sail in a week or so up until next year. Of course, top on my list was to ensure I have enough content, up until I figure out how I’ll go about blogging at sea and that was when I discovered Captain’s Terrace. Scouting for location can be a nightmare and when Captain’s Terrace gave me all I had ever imagined for under one roof, I felt like this was going to be my location for a very long time! Right at the heart of Nairobi was this beautiful serene restaurant overlooking the Nairobi national park allowing you to sip cocktails while enjoying nature. It was more like home for me because of the merchant navy decor and the entire theme that surrounded the restaurant. Antique compasses, antique barometer, the menu, the drinks, oh my  I could go on and on! All I could think about is how in future, I’ll be hosting my dirty 30, bridal shower, baby shower, wedding reception you name it, here. You guys have got to visit! Now […]

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