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December 2017


Hey loves So I’ll be 29 in a couple of weeks, 22nd December to be exact. I’ll probably be somewhere in the high seas, with no network so I figured I’ll write about my last year before I hit the ‘dirty 30’. Life I’ve learnt to live in the moment, past few years has been tough. I’ve lost so many people so close to my heart and I vividly remember being so angry at the world. Then one day someone asked me, ‘Are you ready to die today?’ Ask me this 3 years ago and I’d freak out, but today, I tell myself if the time comes then for sure God has fulfilled His purpose in my life. So I live each and every day like there is no tomorrow. I laugh even when crying is the best thing to do because sad situations pass and there is no time to live in regret. I love like there is no tomorrow, I apologize even when I’m not wrong because it sets the soul free and above all I’ve learnt to be good to all despite the evil that may surround us from time to time. Funny how everyone on the ship says […]

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