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June 2020

5 Days of Summer

It is yet again a gloomy, chilly Monday morning and I would have sworn it was summer just the other week here in London. I ordered a couple of dresses online because I was here just for the winter period however, COVID happened, and I think I have experienced almost all seasons. I did enjoy shopping for summer pieces during this season. This particular dress stood out for me. I’ll be honest though, navigating pretty little thing website can just stress you! However, I was able to stumble upon a few pieces and this asymmetrical polka dot dress was perfect. I was slightly skeptical it would fit but I must say, the fit was perfect, except for a bit of bra showing (😂) but I fixed that later. The detail on the shoulders had me sold at the first click. I paired it with my most comfortable pair of suede heels from Dune London and this mustard bag I was gifted by Styled by summy. Also, mustard has effortlessly become my new favorite color. OUTFIT DETAILS Dress: Pretty little thing Shoes: Dune London Bag: StyledbySummy Elizabeth MaramiMore Posts – Website

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Hello Loves, Wearing false lashes has been like rocket science to me. I usually would take hours before I am able to at least wear one falsie. Now imagine my excitement when I discovered Magnetic lashes existed? I had to review them and see if the is possibly a new lifehack. Here is my brief review. Elizabeth MaramiMore Posts – Website

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Penning my story 8: What next?

It was such a fruitful day, I had just finished talking to a group of young girls about the maritime industry and why they needed to join and enroll in STEM courses. I had decided to step out and get ice cream. That is when I received the call that would see me sit by the roadside, head between my legs, tears uncontrollably streaming, wondering, why me? If you have followed this journey with me, you know I decided to go back to sea to get a higher license. It was after three years of struggling due to gender discrimination that I got placement even though it meant starting from scratch, as a cadet. In layman’s term, a cadet is more like an undergrad intern.Being a very hopeful person, I decided this was better than nothing. I started over. Honestly, those were some of the best days of my life. I worked so hard the captain asked me to stay longer (still within contractual limits). I was dedicated, I had to win this. My appraisal came, it was excellent with a promotion recommendation to now have an independent watch and to rejoin the same team.Lo and behold, that never happened. […]

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Hello again…

Hello loves, Last time I was here, I was turning 29 and sailing on the Mediterranean sea on a cargo ship and starting my career from scratch as a cadet.Now, I’ll be turning 32, I’ve joined the cruise industry, recently promoted to 2nd officer and went on an all-female bridge officer cruise, became an IMO campaign ambassador, rebranded against the tide, lost a job, quit a job, became overwhelmed by anxiety, fell into depression, lost love, found love, suffered loss, let’s just say It’s just been a roller coaster of emotions. But guess what! I’m here to fill you in with the return of Penning my story, Every Friday where we will start from my 29th to date.That doesn’t mean Fashion reviews won’t happen, I still love, fashion and if you are new to the blog, I hope to retire in fashion after my life at sea. Hence my tagline, Fashion is my soul but the sea stole my heart. This we shall hopefully do every Monday and a video review of either hauls or trends every fortnight. I know consistency is key, but when I’m back at sea, the story will be different.Until then, since I’m currently in London […]

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