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Hello again…

Hello loves, Last time I was here, I was turning 29 and sailing on the Mediterranean sea on a cargo ship and starting my career from scratch as a cadet.Now, I’ll be turning 32, I’ve joined the cruise industry, recently promoted to 2nd officer and went on an all-female bridge officer cruise, became an IMO campaign ambassador, rebranded against the tide, lost a job, quit a job, became overwhelmed by anxiety, fell into depression, lost love, found love, suffered loss, let’s just say It’s just been a roller coaster of emotions. But guess what! I’m here to fill you in with the return of Penning my story, Every Friday where we will start from my 29th to date.That doesn’t mean Fashion reviews won’t happen, I still love, fashion and if you are new to the blog, I hope to retire in fashion after my life at sea. Hence my tagline, Fashion is my soul but the sea stole my heart. This we shall hopefully do every Monday and a video review of either hauls or trends every fortnight. I know consistency is key, but when I’m back at sea, the story will be different.Until then, since I’m currently in London […]

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Hey loves So I’ll be 29 in a couple of weeks, 22nd December to be exact. I’ll probably be somewhere in the high seas, with no network so I figured I’ll write about my last year before I hit the ‘dirty 30’. Life I’ve learnt to live in the moment, past few years has been tough. I’ve lost so many people so close to my heart and I vividly remember being so angry at the world. Then one day someone asked me, ‘Are you ready to die today?’ Ask me this 3 years ago and I’d freak out, but today, I tell myself if the time comes then for sure God has fulfilled His purpose in my life. So I live each and every day like there is no tomorrow. I laugh even when crying is the best thing to do because sad situations pass and there is no time to live in regret. I love like there is no tomorrow, I apologize even when I’m not wrong because it sets the soul free and above all I’ve learnt to be good to all despite the evil that may surround us from time to time. Funny how everyone on the ship says […]

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I’ve written and re written this post I’m not even sure I’ll make sense in this. As I write this we are sailing back to Marseille from Algeria. For all those who have been avid readers of my blog know that I’ve been through hell and back to get here. It’s been quite a ride, I’ve cried, I’ve lost friends who never understood the emotional instability that comes with watching your dream slip through your fingers. It’s been 4years of a bumpy ride and finally I’m writing while sailing and this can only prove one thing, lean not on your own understanding of what happens in your life, the storms you face but adjust your sails and lean on God’s understanding because darlings, His plans for you are always greater than you can fathom! His Will, will never take you where His grace will not protect you. So brace the storm because the calm after the storm is a feeling I personally can’t describe. Overwhelming Joy knowing that God never left your side when you felt everything else was not on your side….. Sending lots of love! ❤️ Fashion This dress is just magnificent, when I first saw it, my […]

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Concours d’elegance

Hey loves, I know it’s not Thursday, but I had to share with you my first experience at Concours d’elegance! Now let’s appreciate the fact that mother nature who has been on a roll across the world, calmed her titties this time around and the weather was absolutely breathtaking for the event! Bad habit I must say,  but being a first timer I opted to be fashionably late just for traffic to let me down completely. After being stuck in traffic for close to an hour despite living 10mins away I finally got to the venue. Darlings, those cars were everything my old soul ever yearned for. I could spend all day describing this day but I figured let me pick my top 3 favorite cars. (I’m not a bike girl so forgive me for not reviewing those!) Car number 3 was the New Ford Mustang! The minute I saw it, I was lost in my own fantasy world humming Katy Perry’s  song ‘The one who got away‘ picturing myself cruising in it. The color wasn’t my favorite hence the score, nevertheless absolutely loved it!! Car number two, this one left me in awe. It was the 1951 Rolls Royce! Not only was it […]

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