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5 Days of Summer

It is yet again a gloomy, chilly Monday morning and I would have sworn it was summer just the other week here in London. I ordered a couple of dresses online because I was here just for the winter period however, COVID happened, and I think I have experienced almost all seasons. I did enjoy shopping for summer pieces during this season. This particular dress stood out for me. I’ll be honest though, navigating pretty little thing website can just stress you! However, I was able to stumble upon a few pieces and this asymmetrical polka dot dress was perfect. I was slightly skeptical it would fit but I must say, the fit was perfect, except for a bit of bra showing (😂) but I fixed that later. The detail on the shoulders had me sold at the first click. I paired it with my most comfortable pair of suede heels from Dune London and this mustard bag I was gifted by Styled by summy. Also, mustard has effortlessly become my new favorite color. OUTFIT DETAILS Dress: Pretty little thing Shoes: Dune London Bag: StyledbySummy Elizabeth MaramiMore Posts – Website

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Hey loves, So I’ve been running around like a headless chicken trying to box up my life for the next six months being that am set to sail in a week or so up until next year. Of course, top on my list was to ensure I have enough content, up until I figure out how I’ll go about blogging at sea and that was when I discovered Captain’s Terrace. Scouting for location can be a nightmare and when Captain’s Terrace gave me all I had ever imagined for under one roof, I felt like this was going to be my location for a very long time! Right at the heart of Nairobi was this beautiful serene restaurant overlooking the Nairobi national park allowing you to sip cocktails while enjoying nature. It was more like home for me because of the merchant navy decor and the entire theme that surrounded the restaurant. Antique compasses, antique barometer, the menu, the drinks, oh my  I could go on and on! All I could think about is how in future, I’ll be hosting my dirty 30, bridal shower, baby shower, wedding reception you name it, here. You guys have got to visit! Now […]

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Hey loves… Last year my good old friend of over 10 years was walking down the aisle and I knew for a fact I needed to find the perfect outfit to celebrate this day we had talked of for so long. I had every intention to serve legs but in a classy manner and so when I came across this outfit from my regular store in Mombasa, there was no doubt that this is was the outfit. I was so in love with the dress I bought both pieces, one for my best friend and one for myself so that if anyone else was ever going to slay in it other than myself, it was going to be my bestfriend. I never thought Orange would look this good until I came across this dress. The detail, the high low….it was everything I had dreamt of. I paired it with a pair of black block heel and went for no acessories. I forgot to wear lipstick but it didnt really matter right??   Photography : Micheal Khateli Outfit: Malia Baroque Shoes: Shoerack Kenya     Elizabeth MaramiMore Posts – Website

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Hey there loves, I’m not big on trends because my take is this, If it goes well with an outfit, makes you feel comfortable and you love it go ahead and buy it even though that trend ship sailed! So, I know fringe was so last year but I had to buy this bag, the colour had me sold at the word go and the feel of it just took my love for the bag a notch higher. I saw the bag and instantaneously remembered my pair of ankle length high waist jeans and white shirt I impulsively bought at Mr price. Denim and white has and will always remain one of those casual classic outfits in my ‘style world’ something about how simply sophisticated it makes one look with no effort! I paired it with a brown suede shoe from Backyard and was good to go. I could dress like this from Monday to Friday! xoxo   Pants: Mr Price Junction Shirt: Mr Price Junction Bag: Malia Baroque Shoes: Backyard Shoes Makeup: Joy Sunshine LOCATION: Radisson Blu Nairobi PHOTOGRAPHY: Micheal Khateli          Elizabeth MaramiMore Posts – Website

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