As we boarded the flight to Kitale, before embarking on a drive to Turkana, my mind was indeed a blank canvas, all I knew about this gorgeous town was what I had learnt during my geography classes and here I was exploring it. The excitement was beyond my own imagination. You see, Turkana is not only the second largest county in Kenya but also a haven for so many breathtakingly beautiful sceneries. From being the home of Kenya’s largest permanent desert lake to being the home of Turkana boy ( a 1.5 million years old skeleton making it one of the oldest homo Erectus skeletons ever found hence the name ‘Origin of mankind’). Such rich history! I couldn’t help but wonder why it took me so long to come here, as we drove to Lokichar, where we spent our first night, It was impossible not to note the amazing terrain, and guess what, I got to see River Turkwell. How cool! I’m so glad Maurice Murage aka Mr drone was there to take the shots because I wouldn’t know how to describe it in words and do justice to its beauty and for that, you can view it here…the first thing that had me sold was the people. So kind, friendly, funny and willing to tell the history of their town not to forget how beautifully lean their ladies are (you certainly didn’t expect me not to notice that!) I just kept wondering what they did to have such smooth and gorgeous skin, especially in that sun, because darlings, the sun is on a whole new level hence sunscreen, light clothing, hats, and sneakers are the best way to get through this adventure. We spent the night at Another chance hotel and I have got to hand it to them, the cleanliness, the food so fresh and such variety at the buffet, oh and the mangoes. Allow me to pause for a bit and describe the mangoes in Turkana. These mangoes are the truth, I literally hid a few from one of us (Muthuri as you read this I was responsible for your missing mangoes) I snacked on mangoes pretty much the whole time! *sigh* I want me some Turkana mangoes :(.

Oh well, day two and three was camping by lake Turkana at Eliye Springs, Kristine’s Camp. I’m not sure you read that right, as in I spent two nights a stone throw away from lake Turkana on the beach, and this has got to be one of the most serene places in the entire world! I thought I had seen spectacular sunrises and sunsets on the beach until I witnessed the sunset by lake Turkana, all I kept wondering was where have you (Turkana) been all my life. That sunset that just makes you exhale and have no care in the world but just an overwhelming fulfilment of the soul to just simply be worthy of such beauty is how I felt until someone shouted ‘ you guys haven’t seen the sunrise yet’ and I was honestly perturbed to think there was anything more beautiful than what I just witnessed. Kristine’s camp is certainly the to go to place, I still don’t know why we didn’t think of having a bonfire but it was amazing sitting and chit chatting under the sublime milky enjoying cold drinks from the bar/restaurant while others enjoyed peace and quiet on the hammock,  we were joined by a group of french nationals and I was more ashamed than astonished, how did they know of this place before me, yet I call myself proudly Kenyan or why am I so ignorant about visiting my own counties yet people are travelling far and wide to visit them, that was when I vowed to re-write my travel goals and ensure unless it’s for work, vacation will always be about discovering Kenya.  As I retired to my tent with my alarm set for 5.30am not to miss out on the sunrise I couldn’t help but wonder how many Kenyan’s are spending so much time globe trotting and spending tonne loads of cash yet such gorgeous serene affordable sites were just under their noses. Certainly food for thought to you all planning your next gateaway.

For now enjoy the pictures as they are know to tell a better story and stay tuned to MY TURKANA 2 where we shall not only get to understand what they meant when they said there are sunrises and then there is sunrise by lake Turkana but also take you on a boat ride to central Island park, visit Turkana boy and spend the night at a luxurious camp in Lodwar…..


Thank you at KTB

Thank you, Turkana County Government

Thank you, Turnup Travel

Thank you, everyone, I frantically forced to take pictures of me.

P.S This is named ‘My Turkana’ after a series I started a while back on reviewing counties, you can read more here >>> (MY MOMBASA)


Brief stop at West Pokot


From left: Maurice aka Mr drone, The cheese blogger, the guy behind turnup travel (the selfie guy)


The gorgeous River Turkwell: The biggest of the two rivers (second is Kerio) that feed Lake Turkana through various deltas.

155-South Turkana National Park - Vehicles Dusk-7398

Driving into Lokichar


look at that skin!!! *sigh*


Day 2: fun pictures on our way to EliyeSprings


Another fun picture!!! had to pose with this guy! very interesting character


Just in time for the sunset


black sand! how gorgeous!!!


And she is here…isn’t this breathtaking


Sigh….what a beauty

035-Lake Turkana Eliye Springs Dusk Kristine-7641

chit chat at Kristine’s camp

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    Reply Tolbert March 15, 2017 at 4:15 am

    Wow so wonderful am amazed!

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    Reply Michael March 15, 2017 at 4:27 am

    Wow! – fantastic stuff. Turkana is finally well represented !

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    Reply KC March 17, 2017 at 6:57 am

    I was quite sad that I couldn’t make it for this trip. It makes it even worse seeing all the great stories and images that you’re all sharing. Thank you for this article, now I’m even more determined to visit!

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    Reply Michelle Langi March 24, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    The sunset images! How is the heat on a scale of 1 to 10?

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