Penning My Story 2….The frequent flyer

Hello loves!!

after receiving the came with a personalised Baileys bottle

After receiving the award…it came with a personalised Baileys bottle

When I started penning my story 1, I did not realize how much was expected of me. The last story was about how I had tirelessly sought out for a ship to complete sea time required  to move up to my next rank hence I felt the need to come back with penning my story 2 as a success story on how I accomplished that. However reality check, I did not get sea time. This has had me engulfed in total misery I didn’t think I could write about anything to empower ladies out there when my own career seemed to be plunging with no hope of resurfacing (explains 3months why I did not blog). I was so selfishly engulfed in my own misery that I forgot to look at how far I’d come; not until the day I was boarding my flight at 5 am on Friday 25th heading for my top 40 under 40 award ceremony. That is when it hit me.

You see loves, being on Business daily Africa top 40 under 40 influential women in Kenya was surreal and still is very surreal to the extent someone would tell me congratulations and I’d go like, ‘no it’s not me getting married it’s my sister’.

As much as it was meant to be a celebratory moment I couldn’t help but feel like I was dying of despair inside and trying hard to fake that smile. As I was keying in my frequent flyer number while checking in on that eventful Friday, out of curiosity, I decided to check how many miles I had earned. I have never been keen on it because they always reset them at the end of the year. As I scrolled through I was instantly taken aback for this was the qualifying flight that would make me an elite priority frequent flyer on Kenya airways. I almost slapped myself out of my misery.

It got me thinking. Honestly, we humans can truly be heavy laden by problems we encounter rising up the ladder and forget the little achievements that may not be so great outside but may remind you that your life in totality has changed from who you once were. I felt very ungrateful at that point.

Here is why, on September 2009, when I was going to start this career journey in Egypt, not only was I traveling abroad for the first time, but it was actually my first time ever to travel by air. Can you imagine all that naivety wrapped up in one package! hahaha. Now that was quite something. I think I almost had a farewell party you’d think I was going for good. Anyway long story short, 5years down the line not only can I afford my own flights (as much as I still rush for kq (Kenya Airways) hot deals) but I am an elite frequent flyer and have traveled unimaginably across the globe. This made me hit pause on my so-called ‘misery’. I had forgotten the little things that had greatly changed in my life and was busy focusing on the uphill climb instead of being grateful.

Therefore loves, you may feel like you have hit a dead end in whatever progression you are trying to achieve in your life, but surely that doesn’t mean you should be suffocated by those thoughts better yet live in misery. Hit the brakes a bit and look at the little things in life that may not seem significant but have greatly changed in your life, it may be the car you are driving, remember the days you would try to beat the rush hour and deal with our uncourteous public transport operators, it may be that slight salary bump that got you that new furnish in your apartment, it may be that new life you brought to this world that calls you mum or even dad(for the men who follow my blog),  it may be that new apartment you moved into, or that first item you bought with your first paycheque. life is a journey and in every stop we take through this journey whereby we feel we need to alight and change course because things are not moving, it is necessary to reflect and look at the little things you ought to be grateful for, that then becomes your driving force and energy to tackle that dead end ahead of you with a very big smile on your face. You will be just fine. Nothing is impossible….

P.S Thank you all for the never ending love and support you have given me, my top 40 under 40 award is certainly dedicated to you all who have supported me and never at any point stopped believing in me. God bless you abundantly.



My best friend aka My human diary was my date!!!



Hey there Man upstairs, Thank you for blessing me abundantly!!



African contemporary was the dress code


my student achiever award and my top 40 under 40 brass statue

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    Reply Rosemary Mombo October 16, 2015 at 1:49 pm

    Liz you are going places, thank you for being a mentor and making me believe in whatever little achievement….it goes a long way.

    God bless you and keep doing what you do….#
    The sky is not even the limit yet……:-)

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    Reply Lus October 16, 2015 at 2:06 pm

    God! Im just inlove with you Liz, u kip inspiring me like just before reading this I was so down because I felt I was stagnating in my career but now I see the little achievements iv had and Im positive. Thanks my dear, don’t ever stop blogging, ul just kill me…… God bless you Liz.

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    Reply Stella October 16, 2015 at 2:25 pm

    Keep up liz
    For me you are a perfect example that Rome was not built in a day… It’s the small steps along the way that mean a lot.
    I especially love the fact that even if you are in a field that is known for men… You still remain fashionable

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