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The Runaway Bride’s Soul

Hello loves, This is a special valentine’s post.   Thought I should share something I wrote in my Journal, just incase you find me having a glass of wine alone and very uninterested in any form of flattery from a man.. Deceitful reflecton of my artistic soul….. Oh my artistic soul,what a work of art it is… Pitch dark hue evenly shaded,bordered by voids beautifully embroidered by bloodstained scars yearning to reach out, yet caged behind bars of fear and shreds of broken trust. Keenly I sketch a deceitful reflection, yet flatly I fail to colour it. For as I dip the paintbrush in the heart to give thy reflection a final touch….all I find is a cold block, the paint has gone cold from the hate it received at the price of love. Oh and the silk bright color…so pale, contaminated with droplets of despair. Wait a minute….I could style it up, Fashion is an art too… isn’t it? Purchase a scarf..maybe scarlet..some colour sounds great. Blind thee from thy deceit. “Designer sounds good…Louis Vuitton scarlet scarf it is!!…” oh no! I cant afford it 🙁 I gambled it all. All that was in my precious bank, my purity savings… All gone for […]

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