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Hello Loves! ME: What do you think should be my next post? MYSELF: How about a maxi skirt? I: Gosh that’s a hard one! they are a bit too common nowadays it’s hard to appear unique in them ME MYSELF AND I : (together in unison) Don’t overthink it…just be you, it’s all about style. Those weird conversations I have (and I assume every lady has) when picking clothes from the wardrobe! I really hope I nailed it and satisfied all those voices in my brain…   Photo credits: Modan Photography     OUTFIT DETAILS: Maxi Skirt : Vivo Active Wear Green Sleeveless top: Vivo Active Wear Black Suede Flats: Bershka Egypt Scarf: Gift From Mum Watch: Guess Egypt Lipstick: Mac Heroine Matte Elizabeth MaramiMore Posts – Website

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Hello Amor lovers, Create your own legacy, leave behind big shoes for anyone to fill….follow your dream   As she watched the sunset, She knew she was destined for greatness she knew not how, but she believed in one thing her dream.. Her soul so rich with expectation she rigorously cultivated every inch of her reality with seeds sown from her dream watered by opportunity the stereotype of a bumpy road to her dream non existent for faith led her path Her passion for success….well Lets just say she may be living her dream and knows there is more to come.. Eleanor Roosevelt once said ‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’ Amor readers, never stop believing in your dreams no matter how absurd it may sound!! Because that young girl is me….I once had a dream and a few days ago it came to pass…. ‘I freaking met the president and the International Maritime Organisation Secretary general!!!!’ I mean they both actually conversed with me and congratulated me on my career choice, of course they said a lot, but honestly I was just dazed to remember most of it! Though that’s a story for a different day. […]

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Taking Chances

  Fashion was her soul, the past her low, Fear her slow Then… Style shone on her  Slowly she picked her pen With writing being her love Fashion her passion, she bid goodbye to her past The cocoon of fear Bringing forth ‘Amor’ ‘You will only be as good as the chances you take’ -Al Pacino once told Larry King, well as scary as it seemed, i took my chance today and i strongly suggest you take yours, take that risk, make that dream a reality, but lets achieve it with style. 😉  add some ‘oomph’ with a pair of sassy heels and bold lipstick. it builds your confidence. Your outfit should potray: ‘ Classy enough to wait her turn but too fearless to be invisible’ OUTFIT DETAILS: Silk off white shirt : Mango, Egypt High Waist Navy blue pants : H&M  Steve Madden chunky platform sandal: Backyard shoes White Tote Handbag: Bershka Egypt Lipstick : Mac Ruby Woo     Elizabeth MaramiMore Posts – Website

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