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Penning my story 8: What next?

It was such a fruitful day, I had just finished talking to a group of young girls about the maritime industry and why they needed to join and enroll in STEM courses. I had decided to step out and get ice cream. That is when I received the call that would see me sit by the roadside, head between my legs, tears uncontrollably streaming, wondering, why me? If you have followed this journey with me, you know I decided to go back to sea to get a higher license. It was after three years of struggling due to gender discrimination that I got placement even though it meant starting from scratch, as a cadet. In layman’s term, a cadet is more like an undergrad intern.Being a very hopeful person, I decided this was better than nothing. I started over. Honestly, those were some of the best days of my life. I worked so hard the captain asked me to stay longer (still within contractual limits). I was dedicated, I had to win this. My appraisal came, it was excellent with a promotion recommendation to now have an independent watch and to rejoin the same team.Lo and behold, that never happened. […]

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